Water Bottle With Strap

Water bottle with strap is a convenient approach to using a bottle without slipping off while running or doing any workouts. Swivel Water bottle with a strap is designed to provide a better hand grip with 360 rotations to select water or electrolytes stored separately in BPA-free bottles that keep you always hydrated and energetic.

Design and Convenience of Hand Strap:

More than just a hydration container, our strapped water bottle is a fashion piece. Our bottle comes with a comfortable hand grip and strap that are designed with an adjustability to fit in any hand size.

We ensure an uninterrupted workout session, hiking, walking, or jogging. Our comfortable hand grip comes with breathable fabric that keeps sweating at bay.

The straps provided are adjustable according to size. Above all, the straps we provide are machine-washable

Water Bottle With Strap

Other Important Aspects Of Swivel Water Bottles:

Various aspects make our water stand out from our competitors. The first aspect covers the material. BPA-free plastic makes it fit for human drinking, along with its lightweight feature, which you can carry for long hours.

The two-bottle reservoir helps the user switch between water and sports drinks during workouts or other sessions. We provide leak-proof one-way blast caps to avoid seepage, the bottle is dishwasher-safe, and we provide a full lifetime warranty.


Now it is a time to adopt a healthy lifestyle in style. A Water bottle with a strap provides a convenient way of hydration while working out. We have added a practical approach to our water bottles by adding straps to make you hand-free. We ensure long hours of working out or other physical activities without any interruption.

Now it's time to switch your water bottles to swivel water bottles which keep you rejuvenated for hours while maintaining your hydration level. Visit our website and grab one of your desired swivel water bottles today. Stay fit Stay healthy.