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Introducing custom Swivel Bottles. Unleash your imagination and hydrate & fuel in style! With custom Swivel Bottles, you have the power to design a masterpiece that matches your personality, team colors, corporate branding, event color palette, or simply your favorite colors.

You can choose from any combination of [16 popular colors].

Not only are custom Swivel Bottles visually stunning, but they are engineered with the utmost quality in mind. Crafted from premium materials, our bottles are BPA-free and designed to withstand the rigors of everyday use. The innovative swivel mechanism ensures easy access to two of your favorite beverages. The leak-proof caps have one-way valves giving you peace of mind on the go.

Embrace the extraordinary with custom Swivel Bottles. Hydration has never looked so good!

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Bespoke Branded Bottles!

With custom Swivel Bottles you have the option to add your own logo or design, which is displayed prominently in white on the black bottle holder. This unlocks a whole new level of customization for retailers, events, teams, etc. Now you can add your business logo, team name, event name, or your favorite motivational quote right on the bottle. It also means you can upsell the bottle to your customers or use it as a truly memorable giveaway at a conference or wedding.

First Impressions are Everything!

Every custom Swivel Bottle is packaged in a beautiful customizer box. For eligible orders, the box is also branded with your own logo or design and comes with a small decal representing your unique bottle color choices. This helps to make a bold statement when displaying the product for sale, improves the unboxing experience, and reinforces brand recognition.

Customizer box custom logo
Customizer box custom logo

No Budget - No Problem!

At Swivel Bottle we understand that clubs and coaching businesses have small budgets and that taking on the costs and logistics of selling branded merchandise is not always realistic. We can help!

Swivel Bottle Club Hub enables your customers to purchase your very own custom branded Swivel Bottles at no cost to you.

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Live Customizer!

See your custom bottle and package in real time.

Build your bottle - Customize Now

lead time 20-40 days


Begin by using the Swivel Bottle Customizer Tool to select your bottle colors and add your logo (optional). You can also email your logo file to Be sure to provide a solid white logo version on a transparent background (PNG is ideal).

Next, click Add to Cart, confirm your order quantity and checkout. A sales associate will reply within 2 business days. Customers that order 11 or more bottles will receive a detailed confirmation sheet to review before your order is submitted for production.


Your custom Swivel Bottle consists of any combination of [16 colors choices]. Orders of 11 or more bottles are eligible to add a logo or favorite design in white. For orders less than 500 units, the logo decal will be located front and center on the black bottle holder. For orders of 500+ units your logo will be padprinted on the side of the bottle.


No problem - let's get started! Simply complete the intake form below and we will reply within 24 hours.


Payment is due upon ordering. Orders of 11-50 units will have an opportunity to review their design before going to production. In the event the design is not approved, a full refund will be provided. By placing an order, customers agree to the [Custom Order Terms and Conditions].


Depending on inventory, most orders will typically ship within 20 days. Orders of more than 50 units will require approximately 40 days to process and ship.


Orders can be shipped anywhere in the United States FREE of charge. International shipping is available at no cost for orders of 500+ units.


Please check out our [FAQ Page]

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