Rave Reviews

Here is what people are saying about their experience with Swivel Bottle. 

I bought this for my husband who runs anywhere from 5-12 miles anywhere he can. From home to vacation, this bottle goes with him. He used to run with 2 bottles strapped to his hips, which wasn’t ideal and causes chaffing etc. He loves how well the swivel fits in his hand and doesn’t restrict normal movement. He can move his hand without losing grip on this bottle due to its intuitive design. Feels natural to hold. Easy to fill, empty and clean. Lightweight.
-Dorothy B

I have used the product on several runs, a 4, 9, 6 and today a 24 mile run (refilled at 12.5 miles. Product is working great and I love having 2 drink options. As an added bonus, because the bottle spins it helped entertain me a little when i was getting a little bored on the run. Overall, loving the Swivel Bottle!
-Ryan T (training for a 50 miler)

I took mine out for a run this afternoon and love how easy it is to carry and handle.  I will definitely be recommending it to my athletes who love to complain about having to both carry water/nutrition.
-Coach Erin

I love my Swivel Bottle! I used to never carry a bottle on long runs because they always felt awkward... but not this bottle. Fits like a glove in my hand and I often forget it is even there.  Having 2 options for hydration has changed my long run performance and leaves me feeling strong until the end. A runner's must-have! Not to mention, customer service at SWB is exceptional.
-Jen O.

I like the Swivel Bottle because it allows me the flexibility to carry multiple different products to meet my fueling needs with the convenience of a single bottle! The innovative design doesn’t leak and fits my hand like a glove.
-Jeanna C.

My Swivel Bottle is so comfortable in my arthritic hands on long hikes. It provides me with balanced hydration & fueling. I also use it to carry water and orange juice while playing tennis. I love my Swivel Bottle!
-Janny W.

The most simple yet versatile bottle that straps perfectly to my hand. With just a flick of the wrist, it is adaptable to any scenario. Whether I’m going for a run, or working out at the gym, my Swivel Bottle is the first thing I grab! 
-Kelsie S.

I used to switch between water or  sports drink in my bottle but now I don’t have to. Swivel Bottle has really been a tremendous upgrade to my runs.”
-Jalen W.

Swivel Bottle is fantastic! Easy to use, no leaking, light, looks slick, and even on a short run it is really nice to have a mix of electrolyte solution and plain water with me. I'm excited to continue using it for my upcoming 10 miler."
Ante W.

What can I say? Finally a bottle that allows me to have water and my longer distance fueling mix literally at my fingertips! Highly Recommend!
Ed K.

Swivel Bottle is fantastic! The patented design makes fueling my long runs so much easier. And it’s got to be the most comfortable handle of any water bottle I’ve used to date. Thanks team! I’m super excited for my next run with my new Swivel Bottle!
Steve L.

Swivel Bottle is super lightweight, easy to run with and easy to switch hands with (gotta keep that body balanced)! The cap is a perfect sip every time and who doesn’t want both electrolytes and water on a run?! Definitely designed by a runner for a runner. 10/10 recommend if you want to up your handheld bottle game.
Jen C.

I love my Swivel Bottle! The ergonomic shape and hand strap make it so much easier to use than a regular water bottle. And of course carrying both water and a sports drink in one hand is a huge plus, especially in hot weather when both drinks are necessary to keep me going. A great and unique product!
Bob W.


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