Special Features

Swivel Mechanism

2 Bottle Reservoirs

Smooth Swivel Mechanism

Two Bottle Reservoirs

It Spins! 2 bottles = TWICE as good!

The most unique feature of Swivel Bottle is that it easily rotates 360° in the palm of your hand with just a simple flick of the wrist. This allows you to quickly select your drink of choice. When fully assembled, the bottle is sturdy and feels like one solid unit.

Each 8-ounce bottle reservoir is squeezable, durable, & dishwasher safe. They're also semi-transparent so you can check fluid levels.

Hand Strap

Blast Caps

Ergonomic Hand Grip & Adjustable Strap

Leak-Proof One-Way Blast Caps

Comfortable to hold & carry! Leaky bottles are the worst!

Swivel Bottle's hand grip is contoured to match the palm of your hand. The custom hand strap is soft, breathable, adjustable & machine-washable. It also has reflective webbing for added visibility.

Our easy-to-use BPA-free "Blast Caps" are super easy to drink from. Each cap has a one-way valve and is angled slightly to improve access.