About Us


About Us

Living an active lifestyle is wonderful, but is not without its challenges. Staying properly hydrated and fueled is one of the biggest challenges to address as we strive to optimize performance and recovery. A long training run or endurance race requires you to take along ample water and carbohydrate/electrolyte fluids. However, carrying two bottles or wearing hydration vests/backpacks is inconvenient, uncomfortable, and cumbersome. Choosing the right hydration device can be overwhelming. Swivel Bottle was created to simplify things a bit. It's designed to keep you moving and help you reach your active lifestyle goals.

Our Mission

Our mission is to equip athletes of all ages and abilities with a unique product that helps them go further and faster, enabling them to reach the endurance goals of their dreams.

Our Strategy

Our shared passion for living an active lifestyle combined with our ability to find better ways to fuel that lifestyle allows us to keep you moving, training, racing, and achieving great things.

Our Core Values

  • Be Prepared - plan for success by using the right equipment
  • Be Disciplined - train with purpose and direction
  • Display Sportsmanship - be fair & generous, and treat your fellow athletes with respect
  • Be Passionate - don't hold back one bit - go for it!