Event Partnership

Swivel Bottle Event Partnership

We LOVE events!

Endurance events offer a transformative and enriching experience on so many levels. They bring people of all walks of life together and foster a strong sense of community and a connection to nature.

Swivel Bottle has created a very SIMPLE event partnership program that is easy to understand and benefits everyone, especially your participants.

Here's how it works:

Your event is provided with a unique $5 discount code to share with your audience. Promo code expires one day after your event takes place.

Your event details get listed on the Swivel Bottle website. Plus we promote your event on two occasions to our social media audience.

For every activated promo code the event gets $10 back!
Payment is made within 7 days after the event takes place.

Swivel Bottle is recognized as the "Official Sports Bottle" on your event website and in pre-race communications.

1 Year

Like we said, it's SIMPLE! 

[EMAIL US TODAY] to get started!