Friends of Swivel

Friends of Swivel

Swivel Bottle is proud to be in partnership with a growing list of amazing organizations within the endurance community.

What is Friends of Swivel?
Friends of Swivel is a grass roots marketing program designed to support the mission of our partners, and to help introduce Swivel Bottle to new audiences via trusted connections. We want to work closely with coaches, running clubs, specialty retailers, non-profits, and other important players and influencers in the world of running, triathlon, and fitness.

Friends of Swivel receive significant discounts on Swivel Bottle purchases, including merchandise. The program also offers cross marketing opportunities, including a spotlight on this page.

Let's be Friends!
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Meet our Friends!

First Bourn

First Bourn is the SoHo House for endurance sports. They are developing a portfolio of forgotten, large acreage farms and old homesteads in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina and Virginia — and bringing them back to life with purpose. 

[learn more about First Bourn]

One Step Beyond Coaching
One Step Beyond is a multisport & triathlon coaching company based in Raleigh / Cary, North Carolina. They provide online coaching and personal training services to all levels of age-group athletes - from first year triathletes competing in their local sprint series, to the long-distance veteran looking to maximize his or her training time.

[learn more about One Step Beyond]
Rise Up Racing

Rise Up Racing LLC is a Triathlon and Running team based out of Williamsport, PA. They offer both local and remote personalized training. Rise Up Racing is for the every day athlete that seeks to be better. It stands for every type of racing and for athletes of all abilities.

[learn more about Rise Up Racing]
Trillium Endurance

Trillium Endurance offers triathlon and running coaching for athletes ready to grow cultivating endurance excellence in Western North Carolina. Coach Erin offers 1-on-1 coaching as well as a variety of a la carte coaching services.

[learn more about Trillium Endurance]

NC Roadrunners

The NC Roadrunners Club is a nonprofit organization that's a member club of the Road Runners Club of America. They’re based in Raleigh, NC and they host three races each year, ranging in length from 5K to half-marathon, and holds two annual fund-raising events.

[learn more about NC Roadrunners Club]


Britfit offers Recreational Health & Wellbeing services as well as Performance Coaching. Whatever your fitness & wellness goals may be, Britfit is here to help!

[learn more about Britfit Personal Training]

The Nordica Photography

The Nordica Photography is located in Central North Carolina. Mark is the lead videographer / drone pilot and Nettey is the lead photographer. They love capturing people in their element doing what they love; in training, in races, as a family, in business, in everyday life, etc. They love capturing the emotion of the moment and the personality of the individuals we are shooting! 

[learn more about The Nordica Photography]

53 Strong Deathlon

The DeAngelo Williams Foundation's 53 Strong DeAthlon is back! Race Day is August 5th, 2023. The "DeAthlon" isn't your typical duathlon, it's a run-bike-FUN event including a memory challenge along the ride courses.  Come join us for the fun and put your endurance, mental, and physical abilities to the test. 

[learn more & register today!]

Balanced Movement

Located in Carrboro, NC, the team of experts at Balanced Movement Studio offer a host of services including personal training, physical therapy, movement classes, wellness programs, and even online classes.

[learn more about Balanced Movement]

In The Loop Run Crew

Located in San Antonio, TX, In The Loop Run Crew is a super friendly & diverse group of people that walk/run at different paces. Regardless of where you are with distance or pace you are welcome here! They organize social runs, promote running around town, and support local events. But most of all, they have FUN!

[learn more about In The Loop Run Crew]

Inside-Out Sports

The Inside Out Sports Elite Triathlon Team was created in 2006 to foster the growth of triathlon in the NC Triangle Area. In addition to triathlon, many team members compete in individual sports ( swimming, cycling, and running )and are involved with other social sports clubs and collegiate teams which extends their network of influencein the endurance sports community.

[learn more about the team]


It's not a jump rope. It's a Crossrope. Jump your way to fitness with Crossrope. They offer weighted jump ropes, including bluetooth connected ropes allowing you to boost calorie burn by 20% with fun and engaging workouts from the Crossrope App Membership & AMP Handles.

You can save 15% on all Crossrope purchases, with the exception of items listed on their deals page, using the code SWIVEL15.

[learn more about Crossrope]

Game Changers Foundation

The Game Changers Foundation provides financial assistance to middle school and high school aged athletes seeking physical therapy and sports performance services in New Hanover, Pender, and Brunswick counties.

You can support this amazing organization by using the $5 OFF code GCF. For every code used, Swivel Bottle donates $10.

[learn more and donate]

Trail Chews

Experience the difference with Trail Chews!

Crafted by a hiker, Trail Chews are the ultimate trail companion. They come in a variety of flavors and can be delivered to your doorstep.

Embark on new challenges effortlessly while enjoying the great taste. Fuel your adventure and go the extra mile with Trail Chews.

[available for purchase online]


FittSafe invites you to join them on the inspiring journey of empowerment and liberation. Redefine what it means to be a woman on the move! Their community is a safe space where women support each other, grow together, and conquer new horizons. You're not alone – FittSafe is here to cheer you on as you fearlessly pursue a healthier, happier, and safer lifestyle.

[learn more & shop!]