The strong connection between hydration & recovery.

My brain, like most endurance athletes, is wired to keep pushing, keep digging, to crave the endorphins being released. More is better as long as the body can absorb it. The body is stressed, then it adapts, and overtime will be able to handle more and more as long as it is taken care of. The problem arises when we push too early or too much or too often. We try to emulate the professionals who eat, sleep and train without realizing the daily stress work, family, and maybe a social life bring.

 How do we manage everything together? One of the biggest things I find to be beneficial is fueling our sessions. With a busy life anything over 90 minutes we must be taking in something. Not because we need it for the actual exercise, but because we need it for the recovery. When we fuel sessions it allows the body to absorb the work better causing less recovery time. This has been one of the biggest help Swivel Bottle is bringing to the table for me. Having a bottle where I can just sip on water and then have an electrolyte option is proving to be huge. Normally a quick hit at a water fountain with a gel has been my go to, but now the ability to sip as I run saves time and breaks in the run, making me more efficient at doing what is needed. The simplicity for me is great!

-Aaron Kolk

Father, Coach and Professional Triathlete
Team Swivel Bottle Ambassador

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