Team Swivel welcomes Corinne Mouw!

Corinne Mouw 

We are super excited to announce the newest addition to Team Swivel: Corinne Mouw. A New Jersey native, Corinne started her triathlon journey in high school and carried it through her college years. She attended NC State University in Raleigh, studying Mechanical Engineering and participating in the Triathlon Club at NC State and joining the Inside-Out Sports Elite Triathlon Team in her sophomore year. In her senior year, she competed at Ironman World Championships. Now switching gears, she's stepping away from long distance and now racing draft-legal sprints and local Olympic distances. Outside of triathlon, Corinne can be found rock climbing at TRC, hiking in Western North Carolina and Virginia, or working in energy system design!

You can follow Corinne on Instagram, and be sure to give her kudos on her latest training and racing feats on Strava

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