In 2014 I had an idea during a long run while preparing for the Boston Marathon. What if the running bottle that I was carrying had 2 reservoirs (one for water and one for sports drink) and I could simply spin the bottle in the palm of my hand to access each. Surely other runners would like that as well :) I went home and did some quick research and discovered that no such thing existed. Interesting! Since that was a pretty busy time in my life (newborn in the house), the idea quickly got pushed to the back burner.

Well fast forward to 2019 when I decided to see if perhaps someone else had snapped up the idea. Nope! It was then that I decided to pursue the dream of inventing and creating Swivel Bottle. After finalizing and submitting the patent application in early 2020 the long wait began. Finally, just a few days ago, the news came in that the US Patent and Trademark Office had granted a NOTICE OF ALLOWANCE for my Utility Patent application. The official patent is for a "beverage container with a swivel joint." 

Having been granted the patent for Swivel Bottle means many things. It means the idea truly is "novel," so it is validation that there is no product out there just like it. It means Swivel Bottle is now uniquely positioned to compete against the other "players" in the sport bottle industry. And most importantly it means that the idea is protected for the next 20 years, which allows us to now get laser focused on investing our energy and resources on building a business without the worries of copycat products flooding the market.

While it has been nice to take a moment to celebrate this important milestone, the focus is already on getting our T2 samples back from the manufacturer as quickly as possible. Provided everything looks and functions perfectly, we can then FINALLY get on with producing our first 5000 units in the coming months.

Thanks to everyone for following along and for all of your support!

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